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Ogbono Soup by Nkeiru ekwunife

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Here is another recipe of my recent Ogbono Soup 

• Ogiri Opeyi 
• Fresh Pepper 
• Salt 
• Ogbono (grounded) 
• Dry prawns (grounded) 
• Palm oil 
• Cow-leg 
• Bouillon cubes (Knorr) 
• Stock fish 
• Smoked Fish 
• Ugu leaves 
• Uziza leaves 

• Wash the meat thoroughly with salt and place in a pot, add water to it, you can pour away the first water after parboiling. Rinse pot and put the cow leg back into the pot, add water and Knorr cubes and allow to cook till tender. 

• In a bowl, washed your stock fish with warm water and salt and put into your into your pot of cow-leg, cooked for further 10-15mins adding a drop of water as needed to prevent it from burning. 

• In a mortar, put in your washed fresh pepper, Crayfish and Ogiri Opeyi and ground to a paste while you pour in a your grounded ogbono in a plate and add your palm oil, mixed thoroughly so as the oil will circulate. 

• Add your grounded pepper mixture and salt to your pot and stir very well. 

• Add your mix ogbono to your pot of stock and allow to boil until it bubbles very well. Check for seasoning and add water if necessary and allow to shimmer for 10mins. Add your washed slice Ugu and Uziza leaves, stir and allow to shimmer. 

• Bring down and serve with hot wheat. I also have mine with lemon water.

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