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How to make Meatpies with different shapes by Samira Yusuf

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Meatpie is one of nigeria’s popular snack. It can serve as a good treat for entertaining guest and also a quick meal with a drink. While most people bake it some others deep fry and i sometimes after brushing with the whisked egg i sprinkle with sesame seeds just before baking for that extra crunch. Aside the traditional shape, you can make meatpies in different shapes of choice which can be achieved using cutters (just like the heartshape meatpie ). 

My filling :::
• 1 med Irish potato 
• 1 med bell pepper 
• 1 med carrot 
• Pepper to taste 
• 1 med onions 
• Half tsp thyme
• Half tsp curry 
• I glove garlic 
• 1 cup minced beef 
• seasoning cubes
• 2 tbsp vegetable oil 
• 1tbsp flour and salt to taste 

• Chop all veggies in small bits,peel,wash and cut the irish potatoes in small cubes. 

• Heat up the vegetable oil in a pan,add the onions and garlic,stir fry 1min then add your minced meat.stir fry 2 mins add half a cup of water,thyme,curry,seasoning cube and cover to cook.

• when it’s brown/cooked add the chopped veggies and potatoes, salt to taste,let it cook abit so the potatoes get abit soft then mix your flour with little water and add it,this thickens the sauce and also helps the inside of the pies remain moist after baking. Bring to a boil and it’s done 

For the dough::: 
• 4 cups flour 
• 250g margarine
• Half tsp baking powder
• 1 tsp salt 
• 3 med eggs(2 for the dough and one for brushing) 
• Cold water for mixing

• Sift your flour and baking powder in a bowl,add salt and mix. 

• Cut the margarine in small chunks into the flour then mix with ur hands till its well blended. Whisk two eggs, add,then mix well. Start adding the cold water in bits while moulding to form your dough. 

• When dough is formed,knead for about 5 mins then let it rest for 10 mins.whisk the egg for sealing and brushing the pies and grease your baking tray with enough margarine so that your pies won’t stick and burn during baking . 

• Cut small balls of dough,roll it out,add the filling (careful not to over stuff),rub the edges of the pie with the whisked egg then close and seal with a fork(by pressing down on the edges gently). 

• Place on the tray. Repeat process till the dough finishes. When you have finished,brush with your whisked egg and bake till golden.

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