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Fura recipe by Maryam buhari

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FURA(used in taking nono)... Another popular delicacy from the north.... Ever wondered how that fura da nono reach your table? Well I went to the peak just to find out and share with you so that recipes from the north will be put into consideration. 
• 4 millet cigar cups
• 2 spoons ginger powder

Utensils you need are::
• Mortar and pistol or blender

• Pour the millet grains inside the mortar and add half cup of water start pounding with the pistil until the chaff start coming off (this procedure is same as removing beans bark before moi Moi) for 30mins.

• After pounding pour in a tray and allow to dry under the sun for 15mins, after drying dust of the chaff by moving the tray up and down so breeze can take the chaff away.

• Discard the chaff and wash the grains, drain, with water and put under the sun again for another 15mins, after 15mins pour back the grain and garlic powder into the mortar and keep pounding until finely smooth powder has been achieved, using a smooth siever and discard the chaff after sifting, (the process of pounding can be substituted with using a grinding machine or blender), at this stage you have a smooth fine powdered millet grain and it's time for cooking.

• In a pot of boiling water scoop the powder from your palms making lumps, just like making balls for buns, keep scooping the powder and dropping inside the hot water in ball shapes, close and cook for 30mins.

• After 30mins it will be hard in ball shapes, drain from the pot and pour inside the mortar and pound with the water residue from the pot (use half cup of the warm water from the pot), you will notice how dense and soft it will get, start scooping from inside the cups and make balls shape from the paste (don't forget to keep small powder like a hand full so you can rub them around the balls shaped to stop them from sticking to each other) and it's ready to be served with nono... kitchen).

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