• 120g instant noodles 
• 1 chopped atarodo (scotch bonnet) 
• 1 chopped onion
• salt to taste
• 3 eggs (whisked)
• vegetable oil for frying
You will also need masa pan...

• Boil the noodles with water and salt when 70%of the noodles is cooked drain the water in a colander and allow to cool down

• When it completely cool down, mix the noodles, atarodo, onion, eggs in bowl, mix properly, now heat some oil in the masa pan (you will need 4 holes ) 

• Divide the prepared noodles into 4 equal parts and scoop into 1 hole each, fry on both side till golden brown... 

Enjoy with sauce, spicy chilli peppers or ketchup.


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