• 4 cups kitchen groundnuts(peel the bark) 
• 4 cups shinkafan tuwo (white rice)
• 2 pieces of tamarind (tsamiya)
• sugar (optional) 

• Soak the groundnuts over night and blend in the morning adding water until you have a very smooth running paste sieve and set aside (add water if it feels too thick , also soak the rice over night and blend till smooth in the morning sieve and also set aside (add water while blending the rice)

• Soak the tamarind over night and sieve also set aside, in a pot pour in the groundnuts paste and bring to boil until the content of the pot begins to dry up

• Now in a bowl containing the rice paste pour in the tamarind liquid stir, now gently pour in the boiling groundnuts paste into the the bowl containing rice and tamarind paste.... 

• Allow to stand for few seconds and stir add sugar and enjoy.


What are your thoughts on this....