• 500g of couscous 
• Chopped cooked beef and 2cups stock 
• 3 cups of tomatoes 
• Pepper (to taste) 
• 1 cup of diced carrots 
•1 cup of green peas 
•1 medium onion 
•1 teaspoon of curry 
•Salt (to taste) 
•Seasoning cubes 
•Vegetable oil 


•Blend the tomatoes and pepper, slice your bell pepper and onion then set them aside. 

•Heat up some vegetable oil, add the sliced onion and stir fry for 1 minute. 

•Pour in your blended tomatoes and pepper,cooked meat,seasoning cubes and curry. stir and cover to cook. 

•when the stew is well fried ( When you notice oil at the top), add the stock, salt to taste then pour in your couscous. 

•Mix thoroughly with a fork, you will notice the couscous absorbs the stock. 

•reduce the heat then add your diced veggies and cover to simmer till there is no more stock. You can add a little water if the couscous is still hard so it can be well cooked.


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