• 2 cups of grounded egusi 
• 1 medium onion
• 2 handful of chopped vegetable leaves (washed bitter leaf,pumpkin leaf(Ugu),water leaf or any vegetable of your choice). 
• Pepper to taste 
• Meat of your choice
• 1/2 a cup of palm oil 
• 1 teaspoon of grounded daddawa (optional) 
• 2 table spoon of grounded cray fish 
• Seasoning cubes 

• Grind the pepper, wash the vegetable leaves and place in a strainer to drain. 

• Wash the meat and cook with cray fish, sliced onions (one half), pepper, dadawa, seasoning cubes. While the meat is cooking, pound the other half onions with the egusi till properly combined. 

• When the meat is tender, add the egusi in small chunks with your hands in to the boiling stock and cover. 

• After about 5 minutes, add the oil, salt to taste and cover to cook some more or till the oil is well blended in the soup. 

• Add the vegetable leaves, reduce the heat and let it simmer for 3 minutes and its ready.
• Serve with swallow of choice or boiled white rice


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