• palm fruit extract 
• 2 medium onions 
• Pepper to taste 
• 1 handful of chopped vegetable leaves ( Ugwu (pumpkin leaves), Scent leave) or dried Benetientien • Seasoning Cubes 
• Salt to taste 
• 1 cup periwinkles (removed from shell) 
• 2 table spoon of grinded cray fish 
• Meat of your choice 
• 1 table spoon of grinded banga mix spices. 

• Wash the meat and cook with seasoning cubes,one slice onions and salt. when tender, remove the meat from stock and set aside. 

• Pour the palm fruit extract in a pot, add the meat stock,crayfish, banga mix spice,pepper and cook. 

• As the soup is getting thicker, add the second onions(sliced), the cooked meat,periwinkles, seasoning cubes and salt to taste then cover to cook more. 

• When the soup is thick to your taste, add the chopped vegetable leaves, reduce the heat and let it simmer for 3 minutes and its ready. 

• Serve with swallow of your choice or boiled white rice.


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