My favorite Nigerian soup ; the Efo riro of life. Everyone who has tasted a deliciously prepared efo riro will testify to its goodness.

-Red bell peppers
-Green peppers
-Dried fish 

1. Blanch your vegetables and set aside. 

2. Roughly blend your peppers and set aside too

3. Put some palmoil on fire, when it's hot, add your onions, let cook, then pour in your blended pepper, stir, add your iru, crayfish, dried fish, ponmo, cooked goatmeat, and mushrooms, add a little Salt and seasoning. 

4.Taste and let cook for some time. Don't add water, if at all add some beef stock.
5.When properly cooked, add your shredded vegetables. 

6. Taste and adjust seasoning. Put off the fire. And let the soup simmer for a while before serving. 

Enjoy your delicious efo riro with Eba, pounded yam, fufu or semo. Yum!


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